3 Years Of Me & Ukulele

March 7, 2010

I never posted “Life’s Too Fun” on this blog (I don’t think – I should verify that). But I’ve put up a lot of ukulele tunes I’ve made. Perhaps one day when I get my own laptop back I’ll post more.

But ya know, with the weather how it is, I see why 3 years ago I wrote “Life’s Too Fun”. It’s worth celebrating. Snow has stopped falling; winter is indeed appalling. Spring has just sprung, what can be done?

I remember a few months ago writing my 100 Word Challange about “Hey Pal” arguably my best song. I remember the night I recorded it. I remember a few of the other songs I’ve uploaded…

And well, I’m impressed. I’m still going with it, even if it’s just a hobby. When I play that simple D-chord, I’m impressed cause my voice can’t do that. I play the impossible to pair with anything B7 chord, but use it in an instrumental, I’m ecstatic. And well, I keep it. It’s harmony; nearly perfection.


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