Why Don’t You Put It On A Blog, Acting Like It’s My Job

March 29, 2010

There’s a lot to tell you. But then again, there’s a lot you won’t listen to. Or read of… There’s a lot you won’t care about. So, what’s the point?

Now, a lot has happened, I have to say, and no, I won’t write about it. If you wanna know about it, come find me and I’ll gladly tell you. So, why should I write it here?

Why should I tell you my hopes and fears? How many blogs do you read, and how many hopes and fears do you read about, only to later forget them? Am I just a brick in the wall of blogs, or am I one you truly care about? And if I am that one, what does my blog have that others don’t?

Of course, that’s not what I wanna know. I couldn’t care less if I had zero readers or 1,000 readers everyday. Although, if I had 1,000 I’d probably blog professionally – lol.

I can only imagine how this was – 20 years ago even. I mean, you could keep a journal on your computer in 1990. But you couldn’t share this information with anyone.

Now it’s all over. Strangers can read about your hopes and fears, and probably even do more than that if they wanted. Post a picture, name a town. They’ve got ya.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like re-reading my blog (boy oh boy, how conceited am I?) to help me remember certain things. Put things into perspective maybe. But to connect them with a date, a month, a season; instead of just something in your personal history. It’s a nice new way to categorize your life events.

But those 20 years ago you could only tell those you saw in your everyday adventures. Tell your neighbor, tell your co-workers. If it was really important tell your friends – but then again we didn’t have cell phones and facebook to keep all our friends so easily accessible.

So you know what? I am not going to tell you. It’s not like this blog entry will be all that memorable anyway.

Besides, what else am I going to write about next week?


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