Easter Bonnet

April 4, 2010

I could write a sonnet, about your Easter bonnet…

Every spring we have a rebirth of life, after a long and dreary winter. I like early March more than early April, but don’t get me wrong. Easter’s nice.

I have my doubts about religion, as I’ve occasionally written about. I’m probably wrong, I’m probably going to Hell. Whatever. I’d like to be die and be left in the ground and be ‘reborn’ as a tree – and then they’ll put copies of The Communist Manifesto on the paper that came from this me-tree. But that’s besides the point, and would be many years after I’ll be dead 😀

I kinda doubt Jesus was reborn. But ya know, it’s nice to be with your family on a nice spring day. I’m debating on seeing if they wanna go for a walk! But I wouldn’t even know what to say if we did.

But right now, RIGHT NOW, it’s beautiful. It’s nice. It’s good. We just finished our Easter dinner, or lunch or whatever, and it was worth coming home for. I’m also doing laundry and don’t have to pay for it, but that’s another issue.

We can have our differences. We can have our doubts. But it’s nice for everyone to be together, when we can all be together. I didn’t see any Easter Bunny, and hate hard-boiled eggs as it is, even when they’re not painted! So if I’m missing the point of Easter, then I guess I am going to Hell afterall…


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