April 21, 2010

Today I’m happy. That should be enough. But I’m also not 6 anymore, and spring days and dandelions don’t do it for me anymore. Ooh, look, a dandelion!

Anyway, the past few days I’ve actually been kinda pissed off. I mean, not overly – and anyone that knows me personally knows I’m never pissed off. Mellow? Yes. Content? Yes. Not bad? Yes. Redundant? Yes.

But I was having a few days in a row where I just couldn’t stand work, the drive was too long, the worries were piling up. How was I going to pay off this bill, that bill, etc. And then, it happened. I changed!

The day started off boring enough yesterday – I actually got up pretty late, and got ready quickly. I grabbed food at Dunkin Donuts – you know, money I shouldn’t be spending. I got into work maybe a minute or two late, and already the department heads were freaking out and making a huge deal. I ran register for some time, and then did my usual floor work – only to again be called up front and help out with breaks. I did some boring desk work in between.

Towards the end of the shift though, I was looking for someone (I can’t recall why right now), and instead found two people I wouldn’t really expect to be talking about parenthood…talking about parenthood. And how people my age couldn’t do something like that. And how this one manager was going through parenthood when he was my age.

At first it got me thinking – I’m both stubborn and arrogant – of course I can do that! Then I though about how I don’t back down from many challenges, and ya know, maybe I could learn to deal with it. And then it hits me – I’m not dealing with that. How thankful I am!

And since then, I’ve recorded a song, watched a movie, had lunch with a friend, and spent some more money I shouldn’t. But ya know, I can do no wrong (a huge lie). I haven’t screwed my life up yet. Big whoop – I don’t wanna be a rockstar, and I’m wasting my time with a CD that no one will ever hear. But it’s fun. I can do no wrong.

Today, I’m happy. Mellow? No. Content? Ha! Just scratching the surface there! Not bad? And understatement! Redundant? Eh, there are certain things you can’t run away from…


One Response to “Today”

  1. Cupcake said

    I LOVE IT!

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