Why Humanity’s End Is The Best Movie Ever

April 27, 2010

Okay, before I begin, no, it is not the best movie ever. I doubt anyone will learn a great deal from it. I doubt anyone would watch it and decide to be a movie director, or an actor. It’s campy. It’s bad sci-fi. It has horrible CGI. But that’s only part of what makes it so great.

From the openning monologue you can tell it’s going to be bad. Once you see the main character, and how he acts, you know it’s going to be pretty darn bad. Once you get to the plot, it’s absolutely horrible.

But think about it. You look at the average human. It’s pretty darn horrible (be honest – it is). You wonder how one would act if he realized he was (*spoiler*) the last human in the universe. And well, that’s exactly how he reacts.

On top of that, there are illogical alien worlds. They’re humanoids, who seem to speak backwards or grunt and there’s subtitles (I don’t even wanna know how much that was thought about during productions). There’s wormholes and man-made wormholes (again, probably just an idea settled on during production) with worse hints of flying fast than the first Star Wars – you know, 30 years before this movie was made.

There is unnecessary nuclear explosions. Let me repeat. Unnecessary. Nuclear. Explosions. Multiple, if you haven’t made that conclusion yet.

There are some really good one-liners in it. Most were probably thought of and recorded in post-production, but that adds to the fun of it (mainly cause the best line in the movie would never be said during such circumstances – though, he is human). There are awkward moments. There are thoughtful moments. There are sad moments. Like the rest of the movie, it’s over-the-top.

But the reason this movie is so good is not because of any of that (though it does help a lot). The first time we see the main character he is fishing on a distant planet. This movie is set far in the future, and when our species was first on this planet, we were fishing. At the end of the movie (*spoiler*) the main character dies. And he passes along how to fish. You see, like all good B-movies from the 50s, this one has hints of them. No matter how far in the future you go, humans are still humans. The good, the bad. And everything in between.

I’m sure that the character was intentionally chosen, and arguably the worst personality (a typical guy – positive he’s cooler than he is, in all aspects a guy would want to be cool). But that’s what’s so human about the movie. He’s so bad he’s funny. Even when he’s down to…Mars.


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