May 2, 2010

Tomorrow will begin something new. Training. For a part time position. That’s right; take that previous entry – I got the job!

I dunno if I can do it. I mean, I can. I know I can. But there’s always doubt. If there wasn’t I wouldn’t want it as much.

It’s funny, the reactions I get. Those who care for me, truly care for me, know I can do it. Those who support me are happy and wish me luck. Those who want to see what I can be, what I truly can be, give me constructive criticism. Something I overlooked. Something I didn’t consider. Put more doubt in my head.

What are friends for?

But for now, milk and cookies. Something always there. And it’s way too hot to make dinner and/or tomorrow’s lunch. Which I need to bring there. And, I’m listening to Conor Oberst –

I’m trying to be assertive I’m making plans/wanna rise to the occasion, yeah/meet all their demands/but all I do is just lay in bed/and hide under the covers/Yeah I know I should be brave/but I’m just too afraid/of all this change/And it’s too hard to focus through all this doubt/I keep making these to-do lists and nothing gets crossed out.

Forgive me, I listen to Bright Eyes.


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