May 5, 2010

I have been so busy lately, it actually is funny.

I was telling my new co-workers that I had wanted change. Now I’m so busy I don’t have any time to think about what I could do to make myself better. I wonder what’ll happen once these three weeks are up though…

In turn, I haven’t been using the internet as much. Which I like. I’m forming more and more doubts about it. And in turn, I’m actually thinking about my life a lot more. How I used to *love* the internet, and now I kinda hate it. And other things too, such as video games, and I guess even books to an extent.

I bet this blog is going to end soon. Sorry, if anyone truly followed this. But maybe it won’t. Maybe once I get my set schedule I’ll be more bored than I once thought.

But all I know is that for now tomorrow looks brighter than yesterday. Perhaps because I’m too busy to notice the negative. But that’s fine with me, for now.


One Response to “Busyness”

  1. Cupcake said

    Hi Sweet Frosting,

    When hope fills your heart, there’s no more room for doubt!

    Love Cupcake

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