The Art Of Being Decisive

May 25, 2010

Last summer I made a post about how I want to do different things and can’t decide which one is for me. Well, now that’s changed.

I am not creative, really. I mean, I am. But my writing sucks, unless I’m overanalyzing something. My ukulele playing could be better. My wordplay is bad, unless it’s a spur of the moment pun.

But there is one that supports another. Both, actually. But let’s face it. If my wordplay is bad, and my ukulele playing is mediocre, then I guess I’m not gonna do that. Besides, if you’re happy there’s no reason to be a singer-songwriter. And if you’re a singer-songwriter, there’s no reason to be happy.

I doubt I could write a story. But I can write about how a person does things. I can write about people interact. I can write about the world around us. And how any of those three interact with each other.

This is exactly what I’ve wanted to do. I want to make movies that make people think. And the best movies are natural – what a person does, how another reacts, and how what this person does effects the world around him or her.

I know what to do. And, I can do it. I just need that push.

Took me long enough to decide…


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