I kinda hate the song. Kinda. I kinda hate the back story in the video. I kinda hate the war message, but it reminds me of what a high school teacher once said – we are all anti-war. Ya know, some of them weren’t that dumb afterall…

Anyways, he we go again. August 31st. The unofficial end of summer. And then another one, by the holiday name of Labor Day. And then the real one. Oh, and my birthday!

I’m not looking forward to my birthday. 26. That’s old. That’s passed the quarter century mark. I mean, it isn’t old. But it’s the oldest I will have felt. Afterall.

I don’t like this inevidable aging thing. I don’t like mortality, to be perfectly honest. I accept them both though. It is inevidable, so what can I do?

September means a lot to me. It’s the beginning of fall. The beginning of the end, if you will. A lot of musicians sing about September and the fall. Not only that Green Day song (although, that song is about his father’s death, not war or anything), but also that Microphones song. He couldn’t get through September without a battle. And well, neither can I, actually.

You see, life has been bringing me more battles, most of which I won’t be prepared for. And well, everything in my life right now is saying just go through with it. Get it done. Don’t worry about the little things, finish what must be finished. Don’t worry period – worrying won’t make it go away.

It’s scary. I think I am growing older. But this time, with my age, not just my age. And, every month I seem to end up here, typing my great life story for everyone and anyone to read. As if it’s even worth reading…

It’d be so easy to sleep through September. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And besides, I may be getting older, but I still want my birthday cake!


August 25, 2010

Home alone

August 15, 2010

I’m house sitting for a few days while my folks go and look at property up…country(?). New England, we’re in New York. How’s that?

That means I’m gonna have to be here on and off for a few days. I will have to go about my normal day, but wake up here, go to job #1, go to my apartment and get ready for job #2. After that, I go back to my apartment, get changed and go back to my folks’ house to take care of the cat. Which in turn means possible sneezing, watery eyes, scratches (from itching or the cat – which itself will lead to itching).

This means I have to clean out that green fishtank. That’s right, it’s green. Not clear. Green.

This means I have to really figure out my day for the next few days.

This means my on and off girlfriend will be visiting, just to be somewhere “else” with me. This isn’t a bad thing, it means someone to help me wake up in the morning. Someone else to possibly take care of the cat (okay, that isn’t happening, but still…). Someone else to clean dishes, even though my folks have a dishwasher.

This also means playing with meals a little. I don’t know how to cook much, but I can always raid someone else’s fridge. Okay, I won’t raid my parents’ fridge. But, it is food that I didn’t pay for that I can eat.

This means showing some extra responsibility. Not only am I able to go back and forth to jobs and maintain my apartment (somewhat), but I need to maintain this place as well. I need to really show if I’ve grown up or not.

This means realizing that, since I’ve moved out, and I don’t need my parents, that they don’t really need me. It’s nice to visit and stuff, but I have the keys, I know how to take care of the cat. I know the garbage schedule. I know the cat’s schedule.

This means I am independent. In all its glory and all its deficit. All of its flaws. All of its loneliness. This means I really have to be, and really have to do.

I Got My Mind Set On You

August 5, 2010

Thanks George – I wondered why I couldn’t get a girl…