Rent a flat above a shop cut your hair and get a job

September 10, 2010

I finally get that song. I mean, there were times in the past I thought I got it, especially the bad pun. Even at the age of 18, when I put it on an old girlfriend’s birthday mix, I knew how dirty but silly the pun was. I’m sure I would have given into the pun – I want to sleep with common people like you. I probably would still now, although I don’t find the woman in the video that attractive.

ANYWAYS, when I got out of college I thought I got the song. I was back at my high school job, because the economy was tough. The line that follows the title fit my life; Smoke some fags and play some pool/pretend you never went to school. While I don’t smoke, I pretty much had to pretend that my degree meant nothing and was back to square one. And sometimes still, I wonder the validity of my degree…

Continuing on, now I live out on my own. As in, I have that flat, although it isn’t above a shop (thank GOD!). What I do have though, are bills. And now I know how difficult it is, even with a job, to do things such as getting my hair cut and playing pool with friends. I still don’t smoke, but can only imagine trying to pull that off. Not only keeping the secret, but the cigarette taxes are through the roof – supposedly 😀

And speaking of bills, I know how my life’s dreams are sliding out of view. I can’t save up to be with friends who want to act or play music. I can’t save up to make a decent budget, or buy a recording device. Thankfully I bought all that stuff beforehand, but still. What if it breaks, like my many computers seem to. Besides, I use the computer to record music and edit video.

And well, no, poor isn’t cool. I do have parents who could take me out of it, but that house has its own bugs climbing up walls. But it’s worth the struggle, I hate to say.


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