Twenty-Four Usable Hours

October 21, 2010

I once wrote a short story with that title. The delivery was kinda stupid, but know it makes me ponder how I use my time, and how aware I was of that even back then…

Anyways, twenty-four hours ago I had a weird day at work, and was coming back from it. In fact, to compensate I went out and bought this movie for pretty cheap that was quite enjoyable. You know, instead of doing the responsible thing.

Also, at work (not “one of my jobs”), the computers were down for about twenty-four hours. It was interesting, and not too difficult using the old technology. Adding machines and handwritten receipts – take that computers! Although, one of my co-workers had difficulty balancing her drawer at the end of the day.

And, IN twenty-four hours, it will be October 22nd. Not only will I be 1/12th of they way to 27 from 26 (if you think that’s nerdy, I once wanted to write 1/52nd of the way), but it will be one month of having this idea for a movie/story/whatever. And, what have I done with it? I have an outline, but that was done a few weeks ago (actually, it was done by that first 52nd lol). So, what have I done since?

So, how am I really using my time? Am I using the time available to my advantage, or is it just slipping through my hands? Like sand. That rhymed, and I wanted the hourglass reference.

You see, this is exactly what the character has to decide. And I’ve gotten ideas to tweak it, and make it more interesting, but have I done more than just write them down?


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