Wow, has it really been nine years already?

Thank you so much George. You left us too soon.


Giving thanks?

November 24, 2010

I’ll take it!

So, here we are again, this time of year. The Holidays. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Christmas in just over a month away, and New Years will be here a week later. We only have maybe, 5 full weeks left of this year!

But time is a personal matter. What you do with it is up to you. You can be selfish, and realize that 5 weeks isn’t much time to get a lot done. Or you can realize that 5 weeks is a good amount of time to change, even if it is only for the holidays. It really bugs me, that we have friends and family over only for the holidays, and not any other days. The same with gifts and things – I realize if we gave someone a $1 gift each day we’d have to shill out $365 on one person each year. But is that really a lot? Okay, it is, cause I don’t even think my totals for Christmas gifts is even near $365.

But I need to realize, and probably some of you do too, that my friends are my true gifts. My family is, although I like the one saying, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. And I should realize that I have a lot that my friends like. That may sound selfish, and it is a selfish point of view, but that isn’t what I mean. It’s that I should enjoy what I have as much as my friends do, as they should do with themselves. I realize that my friends don’t vent to me their personal problems, and vise-versa (mostly), and those problems can bog down the things I have that I’m good at. But I’m happy with who I am, and what I have. Both possession wise and mutual wise.

So don’t worry about getting that one last thing you want right now. It’s time to reflect on the year it’s been, and good times shared this past year. And remind them too, when you see them over the holidays.

I gotta stop sipping on the sweet nectar

Man it passed right by me/it’s behind me/now it’s gone.


November 3, 2010

That album, driving for about 40 minutes, and yelling along – that is, not singing along, not shouting.

You should try it some time.

I apologize for this review being so late. I’ve mentioned too many times on this blog that being out on my own has its perks, but going to the movies is a rare treat. So hurrah, cheap theaters with second runs of films!

So, we watch the trailer and the idea of the movie planted into our minds. It’s radical enough to peak our curiosity. So we give some money to go into the theater and we passively observe. We laugh at the human moments, we are amazed by visuals and we follow along with the story. And, then we leave and discuss the movie with our friends, overhear other people’s reactions, and come to our own personal conclusions.

To begin with, the idea is wonderful. The visuals are wonderful as well, but after a point they become cliche and eventually meaningless. CGI here, green screen there. Slow motion here, there, everywhere.

And then, it gets simple. The mission is completed and the main character goes home. Hollywood ending.

Is that it? Well, yes and no, depending on your perspective. You see, this movie came out in the middle of summer, so for a middle of summer adventure, it’s really good. For a movie seen after the summer due to financial problems, it isn’t so good. I mean, it’s enjoyable, don’t get me wrong. But this is a Christopher Nolan movie. For those in the know, we’re talking the guy who made Memento. For those just going to big Hollywood movies, we’re talking the guy who made the Dark Knight.

While I think Batman Begins is way better than The Dark Knight, think about scenes in the Dark Knight. Especially the bank robbery at the beginning. Masks, robbers shooting robbers so the exchange-of-hands is lost. And, finally it gets to the Joker, who is driving a school bus and goes right into school bus traffic – there is no way the cops will find him.

If Nolan spent half as much energy as he put into that one scene of The Dark Knight into Inception, it would have been so much more wonderful. If he put a third as much energy as he put into Memento, it would have been wonderful.

This isn’t to discourage anyone from seeing it. It’s very good for what it wants to do. But for Christopher Nolan, we’ve come to expect more.

Every Treat Is A Trick

November 1, 2010

Do you remember last year at this time, I made a post entitled Trick or Treat? It was about how I was moving out, and it might be a trick cause I found the apartment online. And it might be a treat cause it would be my apartment. And it might be a trick, because everything I relied on to get me through the days and nights could be taken away by one quick motion – handing over rent and security.

Well, every treat has indeed been a trick. Because I have moved out on my own, for a whole year now. And it is my apartment. And I have had friends over, all of whom liked my flat. And all of that was a treat.

But you see, with every treat comes responsibility. That is where the trick lies. I didn’t have internet, but found a way to get it – but then there goes some money that could go to rent or dinner. I have television, but that too is a trick, because I only get one channel over the air. I have a car that burns gas. I have shelter that creates bills. I have a life, which takes money.

Just like last year, it was just Halloween, and it still has that feel. Yellow leaves cover the ground. The air is cold, much too cold for what we are used to. Perhaps seeing our breath is what caused Halloween – and if we dress up frightfully we may scare away those who want our souls we breathe out. Or maybe not.

And I can look around and see disappointment everywhere. My job, my dreams. My love life, and lack of it. Everything seemed to be here to tempt me this past year – girls, a better job, and the beneifits of having my own place. I remember when I used to worry about where I’d get coffee at night – now I can’t even afford that coffee (okay, total lie, but still). I remember when I was 24, acting as if I was 18. Not knowing where to go with my life, without realizing how much time I had wasted pondering such a statement. Now I seem to know, or at least have a slightly clearer view. I dunno where my dreams will take me, but if I’m willing to walk the path I pray I’ll be happy at the end of the journey. I probably will, at least I tried.

You see, this disappointment that is everywhere is everyday happenings. I realized that recently. I came up with the idea some time last year, that your disappointments and your flaws are something you have and we all equally have. They are just as important as our accomplishments and our talents. But you see, disappointment is something we try to avoid. So I need to be disappionted while trying, instead of just doing. I don’t mean take life one step further back, but by trying to do what I want. Not just being. If I’m disappointed with a song I wrote, well I’m the one who wrote it. I have no one to blame by myself. If I’m disappointed by the outcome of a video I made, well I’m the one who made it. You see, disappointment will happen no matter what. But if I’m doing what I want and become disappointed, it’s my own fault. It’s not failing others. Granted, that is a big disappointment, but there is just too much to control that way. If it’s my fault it’s my fault, end of story.

So, is every treat a trick? Yes. Is every trick a treat? No. But going there is what makes the difference.