Giving thanks?

November 24, 2010

I’ll take it!

So, here we are again, this time of year. The Holidays. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, Christmas in just over a month away, and New Years will be here a week later. We only have maybe, 5 full weeks left of this year!

But time is a personal matter. What you do with it is up to you. You can be selfish, and realize that 5 weeks isn’t much time to get a lot done. Or you can realize that 5 weeks is a good amount of time to change, even if it is only for the holidays. It really bugs me, that we have friends and family over only for the holidays, and not any other days. The same with gifts and things – I realize if we gave someone a $1 gift each day we’d have to shill out $365 on one person each year. But is that really a lot? Okay, it is, cause I don’t even think my totals for Christmas gifts is even near $365.

But I need to realize, and probably some of you do too, that my friends are my true gifts. My family is, although I like the one saying, you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. And I should realize that I have a lot that my friends like. That may sound selfish, and it is a selfish point of view, but that isn’t what I mean. It’s that I should enjoy what I have as much as my friends do, as they should do with themselves. I realize that my friends don’t vent to me their personal problems, and vise-versa (mostly), and those problems can bog down the things I have that I’m good at. But I’m happy with who I am, and what I have. Both possession wise and mutual wise.

So don’t worry about getting that one last thing you want right now. It’s time to reflect on the year it’s been, and good times shared this past year. And remind them too, when you see them over the holidays.


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