Top Two Records Of 2010: And What They Mean To Me

December 29, 2010


And yes, I have heard Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs

The Laura Veirs CD has a lot of backstory to it, most of which is history and lessons learned. I’ll just say I bought it on a whim, after having dinner with someone I thought was really cool. Actually, the album has a lot to do with something along those lines. To call the songs love songs is a bit of a stretch, but to call them anything else is less accurate. The first song I really dug was “When You Give Your Heart,” which is a simple folk song about wanting someone to love the singer. I could relate, seeing as how I fall for girls easily, and rarely get the same feeling back. But there is so much more to the album. “July Flame,” the title track, is about wanting that certain someone to be yours and yours alone. On the flipside, the opening track “I Can See Your Tracks” is about leaving the past where it is – which is a nice trick, cause the two tracks follow one another. “Saddle Song” might as well be about accepting ones own mortality, while “Make Something Good” is about just that – making something that lasts. Leaving something behind since you are bound to die. And just as I wrote when I first got it, calling it Twee is a bit of a stretch, and it certainly doesn’t rock like Indie Rock. This is perfect Indie Pop.

The other album, Belle and Sebastian’s CD was a bit of a surprise. I didn’t even know they had a new album, and it pretty much blew me away. While over time it looses its newness, certain songs are really unique. “I Want The World To Stop” is the most catchy song I’ve heard all year, with perfect backing vocals and borderline dance beat. “Ghost of Rockschool” is probably the most objective song I’ve heard in a while, with lyrics like She’s in her tower and she’s beautiful sure/the quicker you learn/she has no soul to discern/at least no business of yours/you bear the vacuum of scars/she was put there tempt you like the perfume of flowers. You see, there are some worth persuing, there are others who are just no good for you, no matter how you feel. Even better, the understated “Calculating Bimbo” has a wonderful line It’s better still to love her/it’s harder still to love her – sometimes it’s better to do what you have to, even if you don’t want to; just as it’s written in the liner notes.

You see, this past year has been just about that. I used to think I was so intelligent thinking about life and what it means. But I’ve learned that there’s no point waiting to be loved, if you can’t love. Which is something I need to learn to do.


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