Top Two Movies Of 2010: And What They Mean To Me

December 30, 2010


And yes, I have seen Inception

The new Harry Potter movie was a bit of a surprise, the more I thought about it. Sure, parts of it were campy, and the ending wasn’t exactly a cliff hanger that made you beg to watch the second half. HOWEVER, it did what no fantasy movie to my knowledge really did. There was no you-are-the-one storylines we are used to and sick of, especially since we are this far along in the series. There is no endless training, there is no what-if-the-villain… (insert adjective, verb or long story here) that we are looking for, because we know who the villain is and what he is capable of. All it did was build. And build, and build. While I am not a huge fan of the Potter series, I must say that this is what we’ve come to expect before the big show down, but in a full length feature form. Yes, the movie makers are taking advantage of our money. But they also gave us a movie to make us think more than fear and wonder.

Black Swan actually follows in this same pattern. While this is a once-and-for-all movie, most of this movie is also about build up. There were many parts I noticed while watching this that seemed out of place and too brief to really add to the plot. But somehow Darren Aronofsky always does it – the transformation of a character means a lot of things, no matter how small and seemingly irrelevent it truly is. And while I found this movie also didn’t have an ending that blew your mind (like his other work does), this is his existential film about art. Why not give it your all? Why not be pushed to the brink? And while I’m sure there are many reasons you shouldn’t, for once a story tells you to go further than before.

While I can’t say that my life has been built up and built up without any resolve, or in any real way relate my life to the two movies as I did with the albums, I have to say that my movie tastes are changing. While on one hand, earlier in the year I arrogantly said that Inception failed at being Memento part 2, I’m realizing that each movie needs to tell its own story. Nevermind the cheese, nevermind the mellowdrama. Nevermind its over-the-topness. Let the movie bring you along and teach you its lessons. And well, may life do the same.


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