Keep this blog, but remember its title.
Keep in contact with old friends, no matter the method.
Don’t drink too much.
Don’t drink too much coffee.
Dream big.
Keep your feet on the ground.
Don’t worry.
Don’t worry about girls.
Don’t worry about jobs.
Don’t worry about independence.
Get to bed at a good hour, unless singing.
Back up the songs you create.

Don’t burn $4 gas.
Don’t sell back old CDs or movies.
Don’t forget what your parents told you.

Don’t forget what your ex girlfriend has to say. She has a good head on her shoulders. Don’t ignore her, just because she isn’t the “one”.
Don’t worry about finding the “one”. You’ll be smitten with someone you wrote off long ago, in about 3 years.

Don’t hate your job. It gives you time to create. And in about 2 and a half years you will get your foot out the door – it can be done.

Don’t forget about that deer you hit about two years ago (it was around Thanksgiving break, wasn’t it?). It will happen again.

Don’t worry if your ideas are too big or too silly. One day you will find the perfect balance of camp and honesty.
Don’t worry if you can’t sing. One day you will think you can, and you will keep tweaking it, even if you don’t become a famous singer.

Don’t worry about staying at your parents’ house. You’ve got it made until you leave. And once you leave, sacrifices will have to be made. But it will be worth it.

Don’t spend your saved money. It will go somewhere important.

Don’t think you have all the answers. You’re just like everyone else – you have the right idea, but you don’t have the right mindset. Maybe one day.

Don’t forget to listen. And listen. And listen. Everyone’s input and everyone’s actions shows what you can do, if you let go.

Don’t make lists on your blog.

Worship Henry Barish

This is just a small sum of everything that has happened in the past three and a half years since I started this blog. It is also a reminder of what could happen in the next three and a half years.


What A Country!

May 30, 2011

In America, you search google. In Soviet Russia, yandex searches you!

Yes, that’s the only joke I could think of.

Yes, that was supposed to be a joke.

That’s how I justify flip-flopping as love.

I say, whatcha say/I dunno, I can never tell with you

And now I get it. The confusion, the selfishness. The desire to give. The desire to live.

Saw as the jets were flying over.

These aren’t the lyrics, but it’s what I hear:

I wanted to know/what I had to know
I wanted to know/it bad
I wanted to know/what I had to know
I wanted to know/right now

Maybe it’s time to know
Maybe today
It is not right
Now it is
Now we know
Now you know what I had to know

I’m sitting with you
We sit in silence

When ever I hear this song, there is a great memory attached to it. I think I’m in love. Why else would I keep flip-flopping?

Andvari and Avalon fit it well too.

So, the Rapture is supposed to happen in two days or something? Oh well, I can accept being wrong. It has happened before. Maybe I can accept my fate.

Moving on, I’m back to this blog! I doubt that I’ll keep it going. I like where I left it off, a little circle of “No Pun Intended” ending both the first and (previously) last entry. If I do it again will it be intentional and lose its magic? Or will it even matter? If the Rapture is the 21st, it won’t!

But I came a nice full circle today. Hopes and daydreams clouded my mind, only to not come true. Plans came up to ruin future daydreams – you know, as if the current ones are happening… Work was pretty dull. Maybe the world ending isn’t that bad.

But in the down time at my job, a joke is made, and I smile. Everyone smiles. In my down time, I write a basic outline for a story. Just like I did last Saturday, except that was a song. Oh, and the story was on a caffeine rush, ALTHOUGH the idea was in my head for a while (the song wasn’t on a rush either). And it hits me. No, not a buncha kids throwing rocks but a realization. HANK IS CREATIVE. I haven’t lost it. And despite my daydreams not coming true but still clouding my mind, I can still write. I can still imagine. How many 26 year olds still do that?

So, no, things aren’t how I want them to be. But perhaps things are how I need them to be. And let’s face it, I may have two jobs that drag me down, but I have time to myself to go to Panera and throw away my paycheck. I got an apple this time though!

So is the Rapture supposed to come soon? I doubt I can talk God out of doing it(you know, if He’s up there), but that’s besides the point. I am alive. I can do things I want. Let me enjoy the moment – cause one day I won’t be here, or this won’t be here.