Do You Believe in Rapture Babe?

May 19, 2011

So, the Rapture is supposed to happen in two days or something? Oh well, I can accept being wrong. It has happened before. Maybe I can accept my fate.

Moving on, I’m back to this blog! I doubt that I’ll keep it going. I like where I left it off, a little circle of “No Pun Intended” ending both the first and (previously) last entry. If I do it again will it be intentional and lose its magic? Or will it even matter? If the Rapture is the 21st, it won’t!

But I came a nice full circle today. Hopes and daydreams clouded my mind, only to not come true. Plans came up to ruin future daydreams – you know, as if the current ones are happening… Work was pretty dull. Maybe the world ending isn’t that bad.

But in the down time at my job, a joke is made, and I smile. Everyone smiles. In my down time, I write a basic outline for a story. Just like I did last Saturday, except that was a song. Oh, and the story was on a caffeine rush, ALTHOUGH the idea was in my head for a while (the song wasn’t on a rush either). And it hits me. No, not a buncha kids throwing rocks but a realization. HANK IS CREATIVE. I haven’t lost it. And despite my daydreams not coming true but still clouding my mind, I can still write. I can still imagine. How many 26 year olds still do that?

So, no, things aren’t how I want them to be. But perhaps things are how I need them to be. And let’s face it, I may have two jobs that drag me down, but I have time to myself to go to Panera and throw away my paycheck. I got an apple this time though!

So is the Rapture supposed to come soon? I doubt I can talk God out of doing it(you know, if He’s up there), but that’s besides the point. I am alive. I can do things I want. Let me enjoy the moment – cause one day I won’t be here, or this won’t be here.


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