Dear Novemeber 2007 Self

May 31, 2011

Keep this blog, but remember its title.
Keep in contact with old friends, no matter the method.
Don’t drink too much.
Don’t drink too much coffee.
Dream big.
Keep your feet on the ground.
Don’t worry.
Don’t worry about girls.
Don’t worry about jobs.
Don’t worry about independence.
Get to bed at a good hour, unless singing.
Back up the songs you create.

Don’t burn $4 gas.
Don’t sell back old CDs or movies.
Don’t forget what your parents told you.

Don’t forget what your ex girlfriend has to say. She has a good head on her shoulders. Don’t ignore her, just because she isn’t the “one”.
Don’t worry about finding the “one”. You’ll be smitten with someone you wrote off long ago, in about 3 years.

Don’t hate your job. It gives you time to create. And in about 2 and a half years you will get your foot out the door – it can be done.

Don’t forget about that deer you hit about two years ago (it was around Thanksgiving break, wasn’t it?). It will happen again.

Don’t worry if your ideas are too big or too silly. One day you will find the perfect balance of camp and honesty.
Don’t worry if you can’t sing. One day you will think you can, and you will keep tweaking it, even if you don’t become a famous singer.

Don’t worry about staying at your parents’ house. You’ve got it made until you leave. And once you leave, sacrifices will have to be made. But it will be worth it.

Don’t spend your saved money. It will go somewhere important.

Don’t think you have all the answers. You’re just like everyone else – you have the right idea, but you don’t have the right mindset. Maybe one day.

Don’t forget to listen. And listen. And listen. Everyone’s input and everyone’s actions shows what you can do, if you let go.

Don’t make lists on your blog.

Worship Henry Barish

This is just a small sum of everything that has happened in the past three and a half years since I started this blog. It is also a reminder of what could happen in the next three and a half years.


2 Responses to “Dear Novemeber 2007 Self”

  1. clarachu said

    You should number these (faster and easier to comment on)! My favorite (knowing you personally) are “Don’t burn $4 gas”, “Don’t make lists on your blog”, “Don’t forget what your ex has to say”, and “Go to bed at a decent hour, unless singing” LOL.

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