Best Episode Ever

August 22, 2011

I still have yet to understand how a magma monster could create tears, but I guess I can let that go.

I like the guy reading the paper. And our inability to understand our enimies. It’s also quite fun to poke fun at (the priest in the back of the taxi is quite funny!).


Don’t worry, there are other words I can say. Though most are four letter words they don’t allow in childrens movies.

Baby if you lose your love, don’t take me by surprise/don’t think you’re crying but there’s tear drops in your eyes/If you gotta leave, you gotta leave.

This isn’t the final answer. But it certainly looks like I have to face this.

I always liked how the violinist with her hair up looks as sad as the songs.

Oh, and for fellow movie nerds out there, watch this

Heh, I never realized how that line would come out…