She Takes All My Love

October 27, 2011

Takes all my notions/tears ’em all down/’til the earth loses motion

I get it, finally.

Yes, love is about sacrifice. It’s about giving. BUT, it isn’t about giving away, or taking. It’s about what I give and what the other person gives.

So, maybe this won’t work out. Ever. But now I get it.

Bring me my queen


Nothing Gets Crossed Out

October 3, 2011

So, you know that post I wrote about a month ago? The one overloaded with references from The Microphones? Well, nothing worked out. I guess I woke up. Nothing got crossed off.

You know that post I wrote about 4 days ago? I think this will work out. And, it seems this is how to get over love, just like that midterm I took, one fateful day in college. And, it seems this how to get over working two jobs I’m not particularly proud of, just like in a post I made a few years back.

The reason? This is what I want to do in life. This is what I want to be in life. So I’ll sing along with that Adele song in the car and in my apartment, but I’m on my way to where I belong.