October 25, 2014

I always associate that with my ex making fun of the Bank of America automated phone-balance robot.  Anyways.  Thanks.

I’ve been keeping a secret from the internet and a handful of friends recently regarding my job. At the start of the month I was “let go.” I believe I was fired. I’ve been told my position was taken away. I’m clueless as to what happened, but I turned it into a nice 3 and a half week vacation.

At first, I was shocked. I was optimistic about it because I wasn’t too happy there. But I was shocked. I remember applying to one job the night it happened, but otherwise I was sort of celebrating. I wanted to jump right into the job search, but I remember the following day and the following Saturday it hit me like a ton of bricks. I got paid that Friday, yes, but it all went to rent.

I remember being stingy, which is not me at all. And I’m still bad with money, unfortunately. But I survived a week, let me celebrate. I got an interview, I should celebrate. I got the job, I should celebrate. Oh, and speaking of that process, I sent out well over 30 resumes. A simple walk-in at a recruiting company right in town got me a position. Really?

But that was the first of many lessons learned. When you have a job, it’s easy to decide to celebrate. That dinner you were gonna cook? Just save it for tomorrow. Coffee for the heck of it? It’s $2 (which, now that I write it out, $2 for coffee is a lot!). I didn’t even touch lattes.

After some time though, it started hitting home. Maybe I can turn these quarters in and get a small coffee. No, I should save them for laundry. Luckily, since I don’t have work clothes anymore, I can just stuff it all into one washer and dryer! If I even want to do laundry. Jammies all day, all week? Sounds good to me!

I remember when I first moved out, I took a DVD out of a Red Box. Sure, then it was only $1 but that was also when I first moved out. It was a nice treat, although I remember having to wash dishes right after the movie. For shame – what a chore! Back then it was a chore, though.

But eventually I took things out of the library. The movies weren’t as up to date as a Red Box, but it was free nonetheless. So, what did I do this time around? Hang out at the library. Not only is there a cute girl behind the library counter to chat up (and how attractive is an unemployed man? Yeah!), but it’s free movies. Really, that’s basically all I did during this “vacation”. Print resumes and take out movies. I even have a minor marathon planned for tomorrow!

So, I can survive on my own, relatively speaking.

You see, one friend of mine sympathized very well. She gave me free food, free gas. That’s what friends are for. And I should mention, regarding the ‘Thirty’ post I wrote about a month ago, I made sure to milk my birthday for all I could (Free Birthday Coffee!). Since it happened pretty well back-to-back, I milked my lack of employment all I could too.

Some friends were super helpful. Others were pushing, which was refreshing. “I’d suggest this, I’d suggest that.” One even offered to give me free food when I get a job, instead of being a shoulder to cry on because of getting fired. What are friends for?

But that is what I’ve come to realize. I’m very thankful for all my friends. While, no, not all of them were as helpful, they at the very least empathized with the situation. I found it funny when one suggested taking “revenge” of sorts against the company. I have no issues with the company, but apparently they do? It isn’t like the company runs on child labor.

What I’m especially thankful for, is how I handled the situation. And no, I don’t mean it in a ‘look how good I am’ way. Although I am that good. It’s just that for whatever reason, I’m wired to take life as a challenge. I see the hurtle and do what I must to overcome it. It isn’t so much that I fall after a setback, it’s how I get back up. Which is relatively new for me. I’m sure if anyone were to read the rest of this blog they’d agree.

So, Thanksgiving’s coming up? And I have a job lined? And I found a way to make it 3 weeks with little to no income.

I think I have a lot to be thankful for.

This job I have lined up isn’t what I want to do. But the previous job wasn’t either. But I’m aware of what I have, and what I can do. I’m aware of friends who will give their all for me. And, it isn’t that I *had* to get out the one job. It’s that I *had* to realize just what I had, and always had, all along.