Dear May 2011 Self

November 22, 2014

Keep this blog. And keep this blog. And keep this blog. Just because you get other ideas for blogs, you can’t seem to give this one up. Just…try to keep up with the creativity.
Write. And write. And write. See, creativity.
Don’t drink. Well, do it, but you’re already over it. You’ll be done with vodka soon enough.
Read. And read. And read.
Listen. And sing.
Watch. And make.

Don’t worry about smitten girl. It’s love. And you’ll be over her eventually.
Love. And love. And love.

Maybe love less with one person. But if you do that, love more with another person.

Quit your job. Well, okay, not flat out. But you still have that savings account, right?
Just, don’t worry about interest rates, that one supervisor, and that one customer. It’ll be over before you know it.
Lower your standards. But at the same time, be passionate about your work.

Change. And accept change. Not just dimes but personality and emotional change. It’ll make the rest easier.

Be patient. But, take initiative. In short: work towards goals.

Play. Laugh. Cry. Reflect.

Don’t eat a bag full of Milano cookies in one sitting.

Don’t number these, just because your ex thinks they’re easier to comment on that way.

* * * * *
What I’d rather do, is write a letter to my present self, than my past self. I’d rather live with the issues I’m currently facing than give a younger self advice. Things were disappointing over the past 3 and a half years. And so will the things in the next 3 and a half years. But this is a nice way to reflect and realize what it may bring. Not just disappointment, but opportunities. Not just hurdles to get over, but lessons to learn.


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