These aren’t the lyrics, but it’s what I hear:

I wanted to know/what I had to know
I wanted to know/it bad
I wanted to know/what I had to know
I wanted to know/right now

Maybe it’s time to know
Maybe today
It is not right
Now it is
Now we know
Now you know what I had to know

I’m sitting with you
We sit in silence

When ever I hear this song, there is a great memory attached to it. I think I’m in love. Why else would I keep flip-flopping?

Andvari and Avalon fit it well too.


100 Words: Dear Self

May 23, 2010

Do you remember how upset you were four months ago? You took a girl out to dinner, and later messed it up. You had a job interview later that week, which could have gone better. And how miserable you were that Friday evening.

Well, you have that job, in a closer location. You have a girlfriend, and one better than the one you took out.

You also have your own place, which is what you wanted last year around this time. And you were miserable last year, wanting to move out.

You have things. You have done things. Be happy.

100 Words: Kimya Dawson

April 25, 2010

I was always strong as long as we were a team
I crawled into somebody’s heart who meant the world to me
Love made me strong enough to be alone and set me free
But with my friends friends to the end is where I wanna be
With my friends friends to the end is where I wanna be

I don’t need to
But I want to
Sing with you
’cause I miss you
I don’t need to
But I want to
Sing with you
’cause I miss you

Thanks Kimya.

The only thing we control – fun with our friends.

I used to like apathy. I used to not care. Then things happened, and I had to care. I had to have opinions.

I like being indifferent towards people. But I’m too personable. I’m becoming too nosey. I’m becoming too curious.

You can’t go back to being indifferent to anyone, or anything. You can make assumptions, which will eventually fade away. You can imagine, but that’s far from the truth.

I think this is why I’ve always liked meeting people, even when I was shy. I can hide. Or I can meet.

And how is this indifference/when it clearly isn’t.

100 Word Challange: Love

April 16, 2010

I once was in love, whether or not I want to admit it. It wasn’t too long ago, in retrospect. It isn’t who I’d expect it to be, either.

I like to love. I don’t really like being loved. I like to do the loving, not to recieve the loving. I wonder if my parents’ unconditional love has anything to do with this. Like, I expect to be loved.

I’m terrible at finding it.

There is a way to change this. It involves a mirror.

It’s a new day. Like Olivia Tremor Control sings. Whether or not WordPress believes it.

100 Words: Hate

April 16, 2010

“I hate the idea of hating something.”
– BigH012345’s Senior Quote, said by me!

I hate our generation. A lot of us dream big, with no clue how to get there. Myself included.

I hate the internet. It makes us feel we are on our way to being big. Myspace music, youtube, hell, even this blog.

I hate those who can’t stand being forgotten – or ignored. It’s funny, I’m in the background, work my ass off and I’m respected.

I think I know exactly who this blog is directed towards; someone I don’t hate, but I hate everything she does. Sometimes.

100 Word Challange: This Week

February 21, 2010

A date would be nice. Although, I dunno if my latest fancy was a great idea.

Something made at the end of the week. I like to pride myself on my creativity, perhaps actually making something would be a good idea.

Read a book. I can take out that Camus book from the library again. Besides, I’ll have the time to walk there this week!

Visit my folks. I haven’t seen them in a while. I’m there right now. Why am I writing on my blog?

Find excuses to write on my blog. I mean, I gotta do something this week!

I hate Valentine’s Day.

Hate is passion. Love is passion.

For once I don’t know what to do this Valentine’s Day. Usually it’s no one, occasionally it’s one. Now it could be two. But I’m probably just dreaming…

I can follow through with plans – which should be enough, for both. I can change plans, but I think that will ruin what I have. I can just ignore the fact, but that doesn’t change the fact.

However it’s also the Chinese New Year. I can let things be. Let the pieces fall where they may – as long as I come out fine.

100 Word Challenge: Meta

October 10, 2009

I really really like this format. It intrigues me. It challenges me. The way life should be.

I bet I could make a book in this format – 100 words per page. Little pieces of life, little pieces of philosophy. Little pieces of bad fiction.

I could most definitely find an audience for it – people who like to read but are busy. People who want to read, but don’t for some reason. People who like to read in general.

You’d have to think about these 100 words a day. You’d have that new piece of information, a piece of someone else’s imagination. Only 100.

I remember coming up with the idea. Maybe on a caffeine rush.

“Say the backup, ‘Hey Pal’.”

She catches on. “Hey Pal.”

“But what rhymes with ‘pal’? Gal? Sal?”

I write it down. Some silly alterations. She comes up with ‘dude’ and ‘bro’ for the second verse. I’m very grateful.

The next day I play around with some chords. I want this to be three chords. I am overplaying “Hideway” by the Olivia Tremor Control – the final influence.

“There’s things that you do
That certainly are true
And those things that you do
I give them back to you.”