teh f00l

November 29, 2007

Scott Spillane/Neutral Milk Hotel’s “The Fool” is an amazing instrumental piece. To me, it shows change, from the Two-Headed Boy that precedes it. It is an attempt to grow up. It is an attempt to mature. It is depressing, it is beautiful.

I just ruined it.



You Are Perfect

November 18, 2007

At least, I think so.

Hey, sort of harmony!  Hey, a 3 minute song!  Hey, Me And Ukulele orchestration (which could have been better)!

If it must be known, it’s about two cute girls. Ah, to be twee.

Recycled Material!!!

November 13, 2007

After reading the wikipedia entry on Stanley Kubrick (why don’t I own a book of him/why haven’t I searched for one?), I decided to post this. It’s an old video, but my best work. Because, well, Stanley made 2001, and I have to pay homage/top this.

This Just In

November 12, 2007

This just in: A new blog for me.

This just in: WTF is up with this formatting?

This just in: I will post creative things on here.

This just in: Anyone who came here before should have known that.

This just in: Okay, let’s assume people make asses of you and themselves.

This just in: That didn’t make a lot of sense.

This just in: This will make sense.

This just in: One mind is behind all this.

This just in: No pun intended.