Wow. I really like this CD.

It isn’t as good as their early work (though, I don’t think anything ever will be), but it’s an improvement on their previous album. Not that the other one was that bad, just that it was too much of a departure of their classic sound.

The only real problem with this album is that it’s too much of a group effort. While it’s still Stuart who’s doing all the writing, everyone sings. So this is some weird Arcade Fire/Mamas and The Papas kinda album. Which in itself isn’t bad, but as a Belle & Sebastian album?

As a whole though, it’s very good. Some songs take a bit of time to really stand out, and I’m sure as time goes on more songs will do so. But for now, watch out Laura Veirs – you have some company at the top of my list (though, I’ve only bought 4 albums from 2010, so there isn’t much room to begin with…)!


Laura Viers – July Flame

January 31, 2010

Can I call you mine?

Wow. This CD is really good. I mean, it isn’t great, to be honest, but it’s really good. It’s quite difficult to place into a genre – it’s mostly folky but it a lot more than that. It’s dark. It’s honest. It’s hopeful. It’s uplifting. It isn’t much of a thinker, but it definitely needs to settle in. It isn’t exactly indie-pop, but to call it twee is horribly misleading and it’s too gentle to be indie-rock.

But it’s so much more than that. The opener does what it should do – draw in all your attention, without being the center of attention. The second track is the title track, along with the first single which has a video I posted before. The third track is a surprise, but sounds kinda bland on the first few spins.

After this the CD gets a little hit or miss, but it mostly hits home. “Silo Song” is absolutely amazing, both upbeat and catchy. “When You Give Your Heart” is my newest favorite song – it’s a love song but so personal you can’t help but love it back. It’s also delievered really well.

And that’s what it is about the CD I like. To call it folk is an understatement, because its use of orchestration, no matter how bare, is wonderfully done. Silence is golden, but build up, climax and resolution within a song is even better. Which is what you can definitely find in this CD.

If you can find it, buy it. Trust me. 8/10.

Just like honey…

Talking To Strangers

July 14, 2009

It’s me and a ukulele. It was supposed to be live sounding, but I can’t quite play it all at the same time just yet. It was supposed to be like Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Engine,” but I delivered it badly. The melody is that overdone awkward waltz I do. The words are on beat, meaning there’s no vocal melody. No vocal hook. Is there a ukulele hook?

It’s scary, I have a style. It’s self-conscious. It’s bad.

P.S. this is my 200th post. I was gonna do some weird calculations about how I my post total is 200 a lot quicker than I reached 100. But I think I’ll just leave it as it is.

A let down and disappointment somehow reminds me of an idea I had. So it went from “darn, no new job” to “f*** you I have good ideas” to “oh yeah, here’s a good idea”.

So, my bedroom/closet/driving videos that feature only me are under Literally Independent Productions. For now.

Happy June!


May 6, 2009

Uniform Resource Locator: In Real Life

I don’t have my silly web space anymore to upload bad movie posters. But um, yeah. Locating real life, uniformly(?)

You were the first one to catch my eye
And you were the first to not let is pass by
You were also the first one to break my heart
But don’t let it bother you it’s an important part

I never gave up but always gave in
I never know just where to begin
I always look but never touch
I guess I’ll never really know much

I always felt like the spare on a trike
And I never met a Katie I didn’t like
Chasing your taillights will always feel right
Even when the day turns into night

You were the first one to follow through
I always will think those feelings are true
I like to be alone you like to be with me
You beat me at chess while I drank the coffee

I always felt like the spare on a trike
And I never met a Katie I didn’t like
Chasing your taillights will always feel right
Even when the day turns into night

I feel like if I blatantly were she wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. One day this will be put to music.

I pt. II

April 20, 2009

One last hurrah for Me & Ukulele? Well, I’ll see how it goes.

I can’t play ukulele, but I can’t even make it look like I can. That’s worse than…being conceited.

Between One And Zero

April 2, 2009

Ya know, humans know what’s between them, calculators know what’s between them, but computers (binary language) don’t know. Hrm…

But to put it in human language; what’s between A and B?

As for April Fools day, the day itself was kind of a meta-April Fools. I wonder if we were all in on the joke without realizing it. Or if the rain just made the day that gloomy that no one was feeling playful. Oh well.

How Telling

March 29, 2009

I think too much, in movie form.

I just don’t know how to tell it, ironically enough. Do I dare do it in the spirit of Slacker, an ever changing plotless “Post-Film School Experimental Piece,” as one imdb user describes that movie? Do I do it in the spirit of Forest Gump, and have the main character looking back? Do I do it similar to American Beauty or Life As A House, and have the characters in life changing moments of life?

But either way, there are 9 methods of storytelling that I can think of in our everyday lives. From day to day conversations to books and movies and music and the internet.

There starts my colors. In 9 parts, maybe I can start telling well thought out stories.