Pleasant Valley Sunday

July 13, 2010

At work, well, one of the jobs I have I should say, they sometimes play songs from the 60s over the loudspeakers. And, I heard that song today. Immediately I smiled. Not only is the song really good, and classic Monkees, but I was going to use it at the end of a movie if I ever get around to making movies. And it made me realize something.

I hadn’t thought of the song or the idea for the film in a while. I’ve been very busy. But it’s because I’m starting to pick away at my tower of dreams. I have my post-college job, well, kinda. I’m actually going to an interview for full time tomorrow. And well, I didn’t give up on that dream. So, why should I give up on my movie making dream?

You see, certain dreams are worth chasing. Not every dream is. However, I feel every dream is worth remembering. You have no idea when that fantasy world may be needed, or can be reproduced elsewhere.

I need to write these words down. And, I need to write my dreams down.


I was going to write on here about a buncha things. I was gonna tear Avatar a new one, and over analyze it and link it to sci-fi films of the past. I was gonna write about how much I related to Blinking Lights And Other Revelations a lot more now than when I bought it. I was gonna say how good this album I downloaded is.

But I have a night to myself. I have coffee. I have a job I like, and a routine I’m getting used to. I have a plan for the future, amongst all my other plans.

I have a life. I’m taking advantage of that fact.. No matter how little this blog shows that I do.

I was hoping this might be under 100 words – whoops!