Laura Viers – July Flame

January 31, 2010

Can I call you mine?

Wow. This CD is really good. I mean, it isn’t great, to be honest, but it’s really good. It’s quite difficult to place into a genre – it’s mostly folky but it a lot more than that. It’s dark. It’s honest. It’s hopeful. It’s uplifting. It isn’t much of a thinker, but it definitely needs to settle in. It isn’t exactly indie-pop, but to call it twee is horribly misleading and it’s too gentle to be indie-rock.

But it’s so much more than that. The opener does what it should do – draw in all your attention, without being the center of attention. The second track is the title track, along with the first single which has a video I posted before. The third track is a surprise, but sounds kinda bland on the first few spins.

After this the CD gets a little hit or miss, but it mostly hits home. “Silo Song” is absolutely amazing, both upbeat and catchy. “When You Give Your Heart” is my newest favorite song – it’s a love song but so personal you can’t help but love it back. It’s also delievered really well.

And that’s what it is about the CD I like. To call it folk is an understatement, because its use of orchestration, no matter how bare, is wonderfully done. Silence is golden, but build up, climax and resolution within a song is even better. Which is what you can definitely find in this CD.

If you can find it, buy it. Trust me. 8/10.


It’s kind of like walking out a door to discover it’s a window.


The peak and the crest of a wave. Doors open, doors close. I guess it was a tease for what change could be, and what could be changed.

Wow, I just came up with that on the spot…

Perhaps as disappointing as I am, writing and words are my…toys to play with. Ugh, that phrase sucked.

I smile. I sip coffee. I’m with a good friend. Who needs change…

Is This Change?

January 26, 2010

I dunno what change is. Mainly cause my unchanging previous months were so simple…

Though, I’m doing something with my everyday life. Which it isn’t bringing me closer to my dream job…

Hey, I found this wonderful CD…


Who cares if it’s the dumbest in the world?


Magnetic Fields fan, or worrier? Though, perhaps it’s just a work facade…

You’re supposed to read that as O-M-G/X-T-C/Ripped-Off/The-Mon-kees

Anyways, watch these two videos…

Stupidity Feeds Change

January 18, 2010

I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in had it been for logical reasoning, carefulness, patience and planning. You know, the attentive things…

But ya know, I’m still obsessed with failure, disappointment, mistakes.

It’s scary – the other night I was feeling. Longing. Missing. Is this failure? Is this a mistake? Or, is it worth learning from? Is it worth creating from? I think so. I still don’t have a “song” though…

Oh yeah, where’s the Creative part of this blog?

Going To Bore Ya

January 15, 2010

Oh wait, he says Going to Georgia

I must have a two year complex, or something. Every two years I seem to fall for someone new. Well, that’s not entirely true. I mean, I fall a lot for girls, I must admit. But some are just silly crushes, and others seem to have that aspect of that one afternoon in high school – shoulda, woulda ,coulda…

I won’t go into details, but it’s funny how in this current one I’m not only flip-flopping, but I keep coming up with reasons not to – and then get her phone number. I keep thinking I should call her, decide not to, and then some “great” reason comes about and I text her (fail – what happened to my non-digital communication theory?). I keep thinking how I’m in trouble, or will be in trouble, yet I enjoy every moment we’ve had lately.

Two years ago on this blog I wrote – As I left today, I couldn’t help but feel the same…. Only, I didn’t. I’ve grown. I’ve learned that this isn’t exactly what I’m looking for – and the more time goes on and I learn little more why she isn’t. I’ve come up with my disappointment theory. And well, I disappointed myself. I failed. I’m okay with “feeling the same” as I leave for the day.

But then I overplay that song from above on my way to work today. I think about how when I last saw her, the world threw its light underneath her hair – this is 100 miles from NYC, this is nowhere.

I guess I should say every two years I make some advancement the year before me would be proud of. Which is scary to think about right now. In two years I’ll be 27 – I better settle down fast, or find that someone I’m looking for.

Early January

January 10, 2010

I like this time of year. Even though it’s freezing.

Being inside is its own reward this time of year. If you’re lucky and have a day off, you can watch the sunset from inside your house.

Twilight seems to last a little longer, as the sun sets. And each day, the sun sets a little later, and rises a little earlier. Even if it’s only by minutes and too cold to be out there to watch it.

The stars are out too if you’re out that early or out that late. And, that dumb to be out that early or late. Orion’s Belt is easy to see too!

It’s a nice time to reflect on things done wrong the previous year. It’s a nice time to plan out what you want to do – and what you should do – this year. And, it’s a nice time of year to start the year off right. If you want to learn a new skill or get a new hobby, now’s the time to do it!

Besides, once the spring is here, you can show it off.

Attention Americans – in about 100 days, taxes are due! To those of us in retail, that means inventory is due. What that really means, is a blog entry worth of things.

What it means on the surface is counting. A lot. Counting every flavor, every variety, every packaging difference. 2 liter bottles, cherry flavor, lime scent. Everything. EVERYTHING. It’s annoying.

Another thing it means, is hearing others complain. Hearing those of us who know what we are doing trying to calm down the complainers. Yes, it is a waste of time. Yes, it has to be done. Some of us just can’t accept it – no matter their age…

Another thing it means, is horrible hours. Well, not awful hours. But early hours. Everyday. Until it gets done. Which means another thing – no time off (for good behavior), until it’s done. Sorry for the Dark City reference…

This can mean many other things – stress. And lots of it. This can lead to sickness. It can lead to unofficial feelings, just to feel someone in the same boat as you may have the answers to all your problems. As if someone like me didn’t see that in almost every girl I meet…

It means the new year is here. Officially. This is the end of the 2009 tax season, which is why it’s done this time of year. This means the hardest part, right off the bat.

But that’s what it’s telling me. Life is like this. Nonstop work. Getting through it, with no days off. Doing what you have to, each and every day.

It means looking at what’s right in front of you, and not worrying about the big picture. Make this day worth it. Carpe Diem – Seize The Day!

This means putting all your effort into what you believe in, and into what needs to be done. No matter how much everyone else around you wants to quit, and find the easy way out.

It also means something else for me, personally – vacation’s approaching. And, spring is approaching.

Happy 2010!